Boat Living – Our Favorite Economical Retirement Life Lifestyle

Sailboat residing… of all of the cheap retirement life life styles that we have knowledgeable given that 1994… by far and away essentially the most enjoyable was enough time that people invested in our sailboat Shadowtime within the Caribbean.

We was clueless that a boat is basically an RV that drifts… watercraft, equally cruise and electrical power, are entirely personal-included means of mobile transport.

Our 35 feet sailboat was in which we ingested, rested well, and customarily loved ourself for nine amazing years.

Our face had been opened up to the possibility of sailboat dwelling whenever we ended up in E. Jones with a cruise ship… we got a coast excursion as well as two other lovers through the cruiseship for a several hour experience, on the 36 feet boat which was home to two very happy and normal folks… I had been totally blown away by the idea of dwelling with a vessel from the moment we set foot aboard.

Once the cruise liner remaining the have that night I went up leading and carried out the number of dozen sailboats in the Charlotte Amalie have… and made the decision we would toast the cruise liners when they remaining E. Thomas from our own boat inside five-years.

We increased the routine and did it in four years… to obtain us set we had taken rental boat holidays within the English Pure Destinations… at first with a Capt. and prepare… at a later date we took a charter yacht out by ourselves.

The very last time we chartered on our own, known as bareboat busses, we did it for three direct months to find out if this life-style was actually for individuals… that provided us time enough to visit the market repeatedly, the lender, the post office, and do the a lot more mundane items of everyday living like having the trash from the boat to a community dumpster.

This previous chartering expertise triggered a purchase order individuals vessel from the Kemah, Tx region… where we sailed the fishing boat to the English Pure Islands that same year… seven months after that previous hire.

For the next ten years we had time individuals lifestyles, i was secure, put in little or no income… below Money1000 per month, stayed at healthful, and generally appreciated ourself to the fullest extent.

Looking back on individuals eight many years, it absolutely was evident in my experience when we, having no preceding enjoying water sports expertise of any kind, can figure out how to reside safely and with assurance over a vessel… however ought to reveal every one of the measures that individuals took to get us with a lifestyle that we’ll never forget.

This can be achieved too.


  1. Lettie /

    My parents are avid sailors and are planning to come to SF from Nov to Jan of this year. Instead of renting an apartment, they would like to find out how they can rent a sailboat to live on board and take advantage of sailing the Bay. They are currently living on their own Catamaran in the Bahamas and are very familiar with boat life and all aspects of it. Does anyone know of a good place to search for boats that may be available for this type of arrangement?

  2. Lionel /

    We are first time home buyers. Would like to purchase a live aboard sailboat.
    Can we get a mortgage on a large sailboat as first-time home owners?

  3. Joshua /

    I’m looking to buy a boat, really have my heart set on a sailboat versus a motorized one. Are there any that are particularly well suited to longer distance travel? Say, Maryland to Florida?

    I’m assuming a longer ship would fare better?

  4. Alysha /

    My father recently inherited a sailboat from his grandfather. The sails were stored in a garage inside a cardboard barrel and now have dark stains (rust?) on them.

    We’re trying to figure out the best way to remove the stains without damaging the sails. Any ideas?

  5. Shanell /

    I am looking for something slightly cheap, a sailboat preferably, that is ocean worthy. I plan to sail from California to South America making stops along the way as needed.

  6. I’m looking to get a sailboat, but haven’t ever sailed. I’m very interested in the “cruiser” part, and want to have a 2 cabin vessel. Looks like that’s 30-50 footer range.

    What size vessel could a single individual (properly trained by a professional) be able to handle solo?

  7. Loreta /

    I’m wondering for a piece of fiction I’m writing. In the story, there is currently a dock line trailing a sailboat, the dock line is floating, and choppy waves eventually submerge it. My knowledge of sailing, though, is too limited to know how accurate this is. Help from anyone knowledgeable about sailing would be appreciated.

  8. Jeannine /

    Im looking to leave this summer. I’m looking for a adventure. Leaving from perhaps California to Sydney by sailboat. How can I find a crew looking for someone? I have no sailing experence.

  9. Arlyne /

    Looking to buy a small (and cheap) sailboat. What is the smallest size sailboat i would need to circumnavigate the globe?

  10. I’m looking into getting a sailboat. I love sailing, my parents had a j/24 but I no longer live with them. I’ve been thinking of something between 31 to 37 feet. What advise can you give me on size, makes and sellers?

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