Can Credit Cards Lawsuit Have Flaws

On account of this hostile actions by the greeting card organizations, many times that the bank account has become surrended to a law firm for collection. Numerous law offices take the cardboard companies on as consumers to ensure that the crooks to gather the credit card company accounts that are exceptional and some of these lawyers start to cater to credit card banks exclusively.

It really is distressing to consider that the likelihood of obtaining accused of by credit card companies is more likely to happen as a result of these lawyers, but furthermore distressing is knowing that a number of the details employed by these creditors court action you could be bothersome, unfinished and incorrect. An insurance quote from The Big Apple Periods news reporter Jessica Gold-Greenberg the latest article claims, Credit card companies consider customers to court docket around debts with out value to accuracy. She procedes to indicate that, the cardboard publication rack presenting client lawsuits depending on flawed documents and imperfect data.

In her own article, Jessica proceeds with a offer from Judge Noach Beloved, who says he learns around 100 credit card instances daily inside the Nyc express court. Judge Beloved proceeds to say, I’d say that approximately 90 percent of the credit card legal cases are mistaken and cant prove anybody owes your debt.

Soon after finding out how persuasive this proof is in relation to defective info utilized by the charge card businesses court action you, it is obvious you’ll need the help of a rehearsing lawyer that’s certified to aid in plastic card instances. You must engage a law firm who is certified to rehearse law in the express you reside into represent you problem must a go well with be recorded in opposition to you. Being lawfully symbolized in court against credit card issuers, it ought to be a lawyer rather than a credit card debt settlement company. Moreover, any rendering you obtain from legal counsel dependent debt negotiation company, make confident and know that the lawyer has to be accredited to apply legislation in your area and that she / he is in fact a certified, practicing lawyer.


  1. Donnell /

    and can you refuse it, and can they not hire you because of a flaw on your credit- and how much weight is actually placed on a credit check for a job?

  2. I want to know what you think of trickle down economics- essentially giving tax cuts to the rich in hopes that they will use the extra money to invest, spurring the economy, then the money eventually makes its way back down to the middle class, and beyond. It also holds that when investors are taxed more, they lose the will to invest/make money thus hurtin our economy.

    I myself, can’t seem to make much sense of it. The means is giving more money to the rich, the ends is getting money to the poorer. If thats the case, wouldn’t giving money to the poor be more direct? A-la Bush’s Stimulus?

    Don’t the rich already have enough income? I dont mean this in a snarky way- I mean that literally, don’t they have enough income to do whatever the hell they want with it, regardless of how much taxes they have? For example, half our nations money belongs to the richest 10% of Americans…I dont see how tax breaks on their income will effect their ability to invest.

  3. Lashonda /

    To help me consolidate my bills that I am behind on .

  4. Kymberly /

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  5. Your Open Question
    Show me another ยป
    Thomasville damaged furniture?

    I purchased a table from Thomasville and since it was just one piece i decided to pick it up myself and payed for it with credit card. I picked the table the next day and after coming home and opening the package i notice the legs have problem and the table is moving . I called my salesman the next morning and told him about the problem, i was so surprise with the answer he gave me. He said; since you picked up the table and sign our paper we are not responsible for it( you should read our policy before signing!!). You have to inspect it at that point. I told him i sign the paper that i am receiving a package, no body told me i have to open it and inspect it. he said; somebody made a mistake!! now they just want to give me a store credit and i don’t want to deal with these “people” anymore,, i talked to store manager, he said the samething. what should i do?!

  6. Alfredia /

    I am being sued by a credit card company. I received the summons. It indicates that I must answer within 30 days. However, nowhere in the complaint does it indicate the date I was served. The only date is the date it was filed by fax. This was 30 days prior to me receiving the summons. Should I also have received a copy of Proof of Service so that I am able to prove exactly when I received the complaint? If the court only sees the date it was filed, then my 30 days to answer is already up.
    Thank you.
    I am in California
    to laughter- I am not a fool. Indeed, I KNOW when I was served. And NO, I do NOT need anyone to tell me. My concern is having PROOF of when I was served. You are very condescending- NOT appreciated. It is no wonder that you do not allow e-mails.
    to Judge Julie- That’s correct. I was served at home on Monday night, Oct 18th. The complaint was filed by fax on 9/24. I would never even consider ignoring the summons. No- no assets whatsoever. I work for a failing school district and our contract trashed our salaries.

  7. About 6 years ago, I called a number to stop credit card companies from sending me junk mail for 5 years. My 5 years is up, and I am getting so much mail. Does anyone know the phone number to call?

  8. Stewart /

    I just was approved for both an AMEX blue credit card and a Chase Freedom credit card. Can anyone give me strategies that work while dealing with the credit card companies. I always payoff my debt at the end of the month but will I still be able to collect my benefits while the credit card companies not making a profit off of me.

    10pts for that person who answers my question well
    I’m not doing anything that is against the law…for that person who references this.

    If I pay my CR bill in full…they can’t charge me any fee…yes they are annual fee free….i’m just looking to see who here HAS EXPERIENCE COLLECTING BENEFITS FROM CR Companies

  9. make false reports? i have two items on my credit report that i was unaware of until i went to buy a house, when i was told that my interest rate was going to be far higher then the average because of “bad credit” i looked into my credit report, i found that there was a doctors bill that i supposedly didnt pay which in fact my insurance paid and the doctors office confirmed that, and the other is the power company saying i have a 4 dollar delinquency from 5 years ago which again i dont have, they said they never reported that ,the credit reporting agency said they made a mistake and put it on there when it was for someone else. so both are invalid and will be removed but the damage is done, i have been paying higher interest on vehicle loans and credit cards for the past 5 years because of this and i lost out on buy that house because of the mistake on my credit report, i have been told i can do nothing about it. how is that fair? shouldn’t they be held accountable for the damage?

  10. Julissa /

    I am applying for one, and because of certain circumstances, I am only able to receive one at a PO Box at this time. Are there any credit card companies that will deliver a card to a PO Box?

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