Company Fuel Cards from – Good or Bad?

Company fuel cards are the new craze for many businesses, and with sales reps hitting companies hard with their spiel it can be hard to resist. But are fuel cards here to stay or is it just another fad that we’ll soon live to regret? We’ve summed up the good and the bad of the fuel card enterprise so you can make an informed decision for your business.

The Good

Interest Free Credit – Many companies like to have control over their monthly out goings and be able to provide a forecast in advance. If you have a fleet of cars travelling to alternative jobs each month the fuel consumption and cost can be unpredictable. Having a fuel card management system in place means you can pay the same amount off your fuel bill each month; those months where the fuel consumption is lower will balance out the higher months and your cash flow will remain steady.

Online Management System – the online management system allows for complete fuel transparency within the company. You can see who is spending how much, where and when. The online management system also allows for increased productivity, gone are the days of collecting hundreds of fuel receipts off various staff members, the fuel cards log all this information digitally so it’s all there at the touch of a button.

Increased Security – Before the introduction of fuel cards, often company credit cards were issued to staff members to pay for fuel, along with other work essentials. This could lead to abuse of the system or large credit card bills with no receipts, causing endless paperwork for administration staff. Fuel cards are issued to individual staff members, are allowed for use on their vehicle only and require a pin number for security reasons.

Fixed Pricing ­– Fuel prices are constantly fluctuating, bringing with it cause for concern with the companies monthly outgoings. Many fuel cards now offer monthly price fixing options, to help avoid the turbulent fluctuations that cause concern with the accounts department.

The Bad

Station Bias – Depending on the fuel card you choose, you can be left with a limited choice of petrol stations to use. This can be troublesome especially if a vehicle is running low on fuel, and the staff member isn’t near the appropriate fuel station, this can create additional costs for the company.

Abuse – If not managed properly the fuel cards can become abused by staff members, using them out of work time for personal fuel consumption, this again can create additional cost for the company. This is something the admin team must manage with the online management system.

Build-up of Costs – If the fuel card costs aren’t managed properly then the fuel bills can mount up leaving the company in additional debt. There are various payment options for fuel cards, including pre-paid which may be more suitable for some companies.

Fuel cards aren’t for every company but it does seem like they are an excellent management tool for larger companies looking to better manage their fuel consumption and payment options.

Online services such as will carry out an overview of your company and suggest the most suitable fuel card option.

Author Bio: Leah Jarratt is a regular guest writer for, the widest selection of fuel cards at the most competitive prices.


  1. Karl /

    Can a air miles earned on a business credit card be used for a personal trip? This is my own kind of hobbish but turning into a little business. It’s just me, nobody else. Some friends thought I should get a credit card used just for the business to take advantage of the rewards, since I might spend several thousand on supplies each month, but then I sell the stuff, cross my fingers and hope to get my money back. I usually make about $50 on my investment, then I repeat the process.

    It’s really more trouble than it’s worth, but it would never require me to fly, stay in hotels or anything. The big question is, should I be running these expenses through a Business credit card or personal card? Are there advantages to using either? My tax advisor said even though it’s my business, let’s say I fueled my personal vehicle with the business card, I could get in huge trouble at tax time. The big idea is to get rewards for my huge purchases whereas using a debit card, I get nothing.

    The only reason someone was looking at an air miles card is so I could go to a friend’s wedding and fly cheap. I don’t normally fly, too much airport BS to put up with, so I drive whenever possible. Point, I just don’t understand. Are points considered taxable income? I know cash back on business purchases is considered income but I don’t know how you would figure points or miles.

    I’m going to be working full time while I’m doing this.

  2. Pamala /

    Just returned a hire car back to euro car – the tank had to be filled to full before returning it – i think the needle on the fuel was just a tiny bit off the full mark. So when i checked my credit card details i noticed an extra ten pounds was added onto my account. I was wondering if they just go ahead without contacting me and justtake the money out. It just accounts for the unknown transaction – they did take my credit card details at the car hire park when i picked it up.

  3. Winona /

    So how would you say a trucking business can provide agricultural companies besides the obvious like ” Transportation of the agriculture businesses products”….how else can it benefit an agriculture business? I need thoughful answers..Thanks in advance!

  4. Annabell /

    I want to make some personalised greetings cards that I can print out on my printer which I can put my own photos on the front?

    Does anyone know of a site where I can create a card online to print or a free easy program I could download to do this?

    I want to be able to personalise it fully with my photo on the cards.

    Thanks so much!

  5. Leroy /

    Somebody used my credit card at some gas stations out of state. The credit card company says I’m responsible because my card, which has not been lost or stolen, had to have been swiped at the fuel pump for these transactions to occur. It’s possible that my number was stolen, but the card itself was not. How did this happen? Is it possible for somebody make a fake card with my number to use in places where they don’t have to sign? Is there another explanation?

  6. I saw an ad for this stuff called “Hyper Fuel 9x” and I thought it would be an interesting thing to try out. So, I stupidly requested an order before reading the disclaimer stating that if I didn’t cancel my so-called “trial” within 2 weeks, I would be charged $84.95 a month and be enrolled in some health club. I did this about 2 hours ago and it’s finally dawned on me that I involved myself in a scam. I called the customer service number provided on their website but it cuts off right after the first ring–this has confirmed my suspicion about the product being a scam. I don’t know what to do. If anyone knows a useful tip, please, please, let me know.

  7. I have just moved into my flat and have to pay utilities monthly. I have always had bills included in my past accommodation so have no idea what to expect. I live on my own and don’t use anything excessively. I am slightly worried as I hear all these stories about utility companies overcharging.

  8. I have been looking for a gas credit card for the company I work for and am having problems. I keep finding gas cards that are either Visa or Mastercard that can be used for other purchases, or just for one gas station, such as BP or Speedway. I need one that can only be used for fuel but is accepted at multiple stations. I found a place called Global-Fleet but was wondering if anyone knew more companies that had this same service.

  9. Marcus evidently lost/misplaced his company assigned fuel card. The card will need to deactivate to ensure unauthorized transactions are not attempted.

    **I am horrible at writing, so any suggestions would be appreciated.**

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