Corian Counter Surfaces Or Cost-effective Inexpensive Seem As well Choices

Similarly, a granitic counter-top is a basic upgrade for almost any house. It is very sturdy while offering brilliant variations of normal grain, shade and strong veining that can usually put it near the top of their email list, for house owners along with their living rooms.

But, corian counter tops are among the priciest counter top prime choices. And, it is not as hassle free together could imagine. For example, consideration should be consumed when selecting marble to be sure there are no cracks or big pits. Also, for the area resistant to unsightly stains, warmth and damaging, a frequently planned wax must be applied.

Quite simply, even though corian is stone, it must be used with some optional extreme care.

Regular latest cost, before this composing, is Money50 to Bucks150. for each square foot. Variance of cost is based on availability and type of minimize.

On the other hand, there are some cheap and equally wonderful possibilities currently available that will give your kitchen area a marble or rock search minus the granite cost.

Designed Composites: At Dollar40 to Bucks80 per sq . ft . appears to be stone and may idiot almost the most discriminating attention. The entire process of engineering requires blending a tiny bit of all-natural granitic with additional colorants that will copy the natural grain, vein and level of coloration. Engineering a piece permits the purchaser to own producer’s options according to collection of colour, thickness and forming. This will still some degree of closing.

Wood flooring: A laminate counter-top asking price (Money15-Money40 for every square foot) is really a lot less than corian or built upvc composite but tend to give you a great, maintenance free surface area. Laminate employs a high tech approach to copying the aesthetic qualities of granitic by taking advantage of extraordinary printing technological innovation. These layout breakthroughs allow for pretty edging and plug-in from the kitchen sink.

Facts is endless this also marble counterfeit will not likely will need closing and is much more wear resilient.

Polymer bonded Slabs: This wonderful choice isn’t only affordable ($65 – Bucks75 per square foot) but designed for home owners who want the granite look but should not perform a significant cooking area destruction. They are custom built bed sheets of an corian appear as well, which fits in the current counter-top.

Installation requires only about every day with remarkable results. Plastic bed sheets including a mix of natural stone and polymer are made, which is light and portable and may avoid just about anything which includes severe temperature ranges of both scorching flu, chafes and staining.

Sound-Appearing: The significance within this economical marble counter option could it be provides exceptional layout freedom cheaply (Dollar50 – Dollar60 a sq . ft .). Ideal for that uncommonly formed counter, it is usually formed to suit with invisible seaming. It really is made from a liquid plastic resin that is certainly put together to imitate the feel of rock instead of the distinct visual properties of marble. It’s actually a neo permeable area which includes highly effective blemish resistance.

Layer System: It is a fantastic option (Dollar248. every 50 sq ft of program) that needs nothing in any way. An amazing system of layering color which will give your fatigued old counter an extraordinary new natural stone appear.

This method comes as a 3 part package deal technique which includes: 1. A base coating – this coat provides counter a fresh solid sealant and adhesive surface area for an additional 2 apps. 2. Attractive Chips – This coating provides feel, look and depth necessary to obtain the counter top a rock physical appearance. 3. Finish Coat – This ultimate software supplies the closing and shielding properties supplying the final counter-top strong and delightful security an active kitchen area wants.

Corian counters and these available cost-effective versions have come a long way to be sure quality, and durability. Based on your kitchen area layout targets and Do it yourself awareness, there is a granite or top quality seem alike to fit every budget and magnificence.


  1. Tracy /

    My son put (2) tubes on the counter and the liquid harden. It will not come off, even using acetone. I don’t want to scrap it and damage the counter top.

  2. There is a somewhat gritty feeling in the center section of my Corian counter top where I do most of my baking. The outer edges are still very smooth. What is best thing to use to remove that grittiness?

  3. Romeo /

    DuPont Zodiac vs. DuPont Corian. Which is costlier? Which do you think is “better” and why? Do you know how much a square ft. approx. we are talking about here? I am expecting sticker shock but I am buying a new condo and want something nice. Thank you.

  4. Elbert /

    I have solid surface corian countertops, and a white corian under-mount sink that appears to be attached. I don’t love the countertops, but replacing them with granite would be very expensive. I really hate the sink though. I can’t tell if that sink could be removed or if removing it means removing the countertop. I’d love to replace it with stainless. Does anyone know if this is possible?

  5. Jeremiah /

    My Corian counter tops are only a yr. old but are already scratched. Is there a product I can buy to help with the scratches and shine them up a bit?

  6. Leonard /

    We are looking to move to a rental property but I hate the counter tops. Does anyone know if you can get granite put over the existing ones and then have it removed before we move out? I live in Antioch, CA. Thanks!

  7. I am cleaning the house for my parents and the counter tops have a little kool aid spill on it. Which will not come off.

  8. Shanelle /

    There is about $4,000-$5,000 difference in cost. I don’t see much difference in looks. Will Formica be around in 10-20 years when I am ready to sell the house? Thanks for responding!
    Formica and Corian are my only choices.

  9. The glue holding the under counter dishwasher in place has failed, and I would like to attach the brackets with small screws. Does this material crack and split easily? Do I want to go there?
    The inserts are a good idea. But I need to find out first the thickness of the top. If I have less than an inch to work with, I don’t think I’ll risk popping through. The counter is all one piece

  10. Claudio /

    Have looked at granite and some other stone coverings. Was concerned about growth between the undercounter basin and the counter top. Which type of countertop material will last the longest with little maintenance?

  11. Tynisha /

    What would be a cheap counter top that doesn’t stain or chip? We can’t get granite, and corian is still a bit pricey. Is there anything similar that is a bit better than laminate?

  12. I lit a piece of tissue on fire and tried to throw it in the toilet but it scorched the lid and it looks like a pee stain. how do i get it off

  13. I am sick of my kitchen & want new counters . . it is a ‘standard size’ counter . . roughly fifteen feet long by four feet deep or so. . . I was wondering how much various counters would cost .. . tile / granite / formica (gotta be spelled wrong) . etc. P.S. does it save money to pull out the old counter myself? I am pretty handy & would have no problem yankin it & prepping it for the new one… Thanks!

  14. I was using an electric sander to sand my corian counter-top and it feels like tiny pieces of sandpaper flew up into my eyes. Should I use eye-drops or something? I’m worried I might have damaged my eyes.

  15. Dwain /

    I put a hot pot on top of my Corian/Wilsonart (?) counter top. It left a faded/white spot where pot was. Can I fix this?

  16. Patricia /

    I am building a small kitchen cabinet and I want to have a corian top. I can’t seem to find it in the supplies of most hardware places there. I will be going there in February and hope to be able to get some corian by that time.

  17. Breana /

    I have a corian counter top about five years old the counter top is bowing where it meets my range.It is pulling up from the cabinet,What can i use to attach it to the cabnet.I tried an expoy from walmart and it lasted about a week.

  18. Violet /

    Bathroom counter top original to 1970’s house, has a marble look and is seamless, but if you tap on it, it if feels like acrylic or something man made. I know it’s not a faux marble paint job and it’s definitely not real stone, but what is it?.
    I’m in Texas, US. It’s at least 8 years too old and it feels too acrylicky (is that a word?) to be Corian.
    Was thinking of painting or tiling it, but I need to know the base material first.
    Perhaps some pre-cursor to corian?

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