Prepaid Cards In Europe

Pre-pay Credit Cards in European countries

What is a Prepaid Credit Card ?

The Right Prepaid Card, is often a credit card you should preload with cash to operate it just about everywhere it is

acknowledged. For online payments it is also accepted generally. The best identified are from

Master card, Genius, Visa Electron and Amex ( American Convey )

Because the greeting card does not enable you a credit history you do not have to pass through a appraisal of creditworthiness. The only real

information the lender requirements are the identity ( ticket, driving license or Identity greeting card) and address

evidence ( power company bill, lender statement or an established notice using your tackle).

What are the benefits of a prepaid card ?

With this particular greeting card you can only commit what is loaded beforehand on the minute card in order to not enter debt

which induced the economic crisis in 2009 : people paying more than they generate.

And since you can not enter financial debt, no awareness or any other service fees have to be paid out.

To evaluate the account balance the majority of the vendors provide an on-line access to your account.

With a prepaid card you shouldn’t have to carry quite a bit of income together with you

or if you take a trip abroad. Whenever you enter most nations around the world practices want to know the amount

money is getting delivered to the nation.

One more huge advantage is cash transfer : the Prepaid Credit Card can be a greater method to create

cash transfer with a friend or familymember. It can be more quickly and cheaper for the reason that other party

can simply head to an Bank to draw in the money or use it via web.

Receive the discount from internetstores : affordable prices online when compared to typically high price

you pay in regular stores. Most credit card vendors accept clients below 18.

The european countries

Aside from the typical cards from Credit and MasterCard, the Men and women didn’t have

an overall Prepaid Card until lately.

Some European countries supply An Atm Card but these are generally limited in employing.

One example is when you wish to book an automobile: this minute card are not acknowledged. This type of card

can very best be seen so that you can earn money from the ATM and steer clear of having money cash



  1. Antonio /

    I’m going to France and Spain for two weeks, and I am confused on if I should get a credit card, prepaid card or a debit card? I know there is an international currency fee because I’m from the U.S. I just don’t want to carry around a lot of cash. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  2. Chester /

    I have a Sprint Blackberry Bold 9650 that is unlocked. I am going back to Europe and have a prepaid SIM Card that I used while I was stationed there before. I would like to put it in my BB Bold 9650 and use as a prepaid phone instead of paying for international roaming. Will this work?

  3. Marcela /

    I am interested in purchasing a product from with my prepaid Visa card. Since the product is listed in British pounds and the balance on my card is in US dollars, can I make the purchase? If not, is there any way I can purchase this item?

  4. Sharice /

    My sister will be traveling through Europe (Spain and France) and I want to help her set up her phone to be used there. Will she be able to purchase a prepaid SIM card in Spain/France and put it in her Android phone without problems or must the phone be unlocked first?

    Thanks for the help

  5. Austin /

    Specifically, Spain, for a period of 4-5 months. I have a blackberry and Alltel service here in the USA. Is there a way to use my own phone over there? Is it better to just get a prepaid phone when I get there?

  6. Hello,

    is it possible to have nonphysical credit/prepaid card? I mean some sort of virtual card
    to buy some things on internet…

    I have regular credit card for buying stuff but now i want to buy something from a suspicious web page (”I know that is dangerous and that’s why i want new card to be sure that i’m not going to be victim of identity theft or money theft ”)
    Product costs about 30 $ and I really want to buy it,and I will be grateful to all you who will help me with your advices.

    The best advice/answer for my question will be:
    – links to some proven safe distributors online
    – stores for buying cards that have possibility of paying online
    – if there is no virtual cards, where i can buy real cr. card (I live in eastern europe and can’t find easy way to buy a card instead in banks and i dont want a new card — already have one)

    ps. sorry for bad english
    PPS. —-> that website doesn’t accept PayPal or Skrill (moneybookers), only cards, please another answer

  7. Raymond /

    I want my friend to have a prepaid card so I can send him money easily by topping up his card?

    Anyone knows a site so my friend gets this prepaid card please? We both live in Europe but not in same country.

    I have money to buy prepaid card. I just wish to know where to buy one please in Europe.

  8. Loreta /

    I have been saving about 8500 usd for a trip i am planning to take in europe. Does anyone know a good prepaid debit card from an country other that the USA? Only reason being that most usa prepaid debit cards charge a 5 dollar fee per each use!

  9. I’m planning to buy a prepaid card here in Canada, and I was wondering if it is possible to cash in the card in EMS (Europe Maplestory). I don’t live in N.America.

  10. Rayford /

    I am trying to book a train ticket from France to Germany but I do not have a credit card with my full name on it. I only have a prepaid credit card that says “card holder”, not my full name or anything. Its too late for me to apply for a credit card as I am leaving for Europe in 2 weeks. I do not have an international drivers license and I do not have an international ID card, how can I get to Germany? My friend told me that they are very strict in Germany, you must have your ticket with you at all times and you must have proper ID as well. I have identification cards but they are only my Canadian health card and drivers license so they are only valid in Canada, correct? And of course I have a valid passport, could my passport be enough?

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