What exactly is Tenant Liability Insurance

When you are take a look at residence insurance and renter’s insurance policies, if you notice a significant difference between the two: house insurance only handles home, but renter’s insurance normally boasts some liability. Many people don’t be aware of what this tenant liability insurance is or just what it can perform for the children. Here’s a little bit of info that will help you get it sorted out.

That you can almost certainly imagine, home insurance insures your genuine residence. It means that when an individual fails in through your lounge windowpane and takes your multichannel surround sound technique, your insurance carrier pays to get new belongings. Insurance, although, is often a whole different ballgame. Essentially, it safeguards you additional fees that you are at fault. This type of insurance will take in many scenarios, so some pictures will help you realize what it does.

In case you have a dog, specially your dog, it can be nearly important to have this type of insurance. Fundamentally, your renter liability insurance will shield you from higher hips if your puppy attacks somebody, regardless of whether within your apartment or otherwise. In case your pet harms a person, then you will need to spend with regards to health care fees, and you might even get delivered to courtroom. A proper liability coverage will assist you to pay these medical and hips and can also present you with some legitimate assist with make it through the chaos.

Liability isn’t just for those who have dogs and cats, although. Genuinely, if you have men and women at home, you will need insurance. Let’s imagine that you have a set of buddies visit with their two-yr-aged. When we’re not looking, he pulls a lamp fixture off of a kitchen table and on to his mind, resulting in a gash that really needs the need for stitches. Should your close friends are really wonderful, they won’t obtain sets from you given that they must have looked at in any case. When they are sort of wonderful, they will parents with estate agent fees, of course, if they aren’t nice in any way, they could sue you for many you might be worth. If your latter of these two choices comes about, you will need liability insurance!

Also, should you unintentionally damage your landlord’s property or residence of the many other tenants – as can take place with blocked sinks and bathrooms, fire, as well as other things – your liability insurance should cover their home along with your own.


  1. Stewart /

    I have a Homeowners policy written on an HO-9 form with the standard business exclusion applying to the liability section. I have an extra bedroom and decided to let a college buddy rent it and share the house with me. He is paying me rent, and we have a lease where I’m the landlord and he’s the tenant.

    I’m assuming, then, that if he falls down the stairs and is injured, his BI claim against me for negligence will not be covered because of the Business Use exclusion. Similarly, if he invites his girlfriend over, and she falls down the stairs, again I’m not covered for the BI claim because of the Business Use exclusion.

    My question is–is there a standard homeowners form other than the HO9 that covers homeowners who rent out part of the premises? Or is there a standard amendment that I can add to the HO9 to cover the “housemate situation”?

    Note: in case I’ve not been clear enough, this is a personal liability insurance question. I do not have a question about the direct damage portion of the policy. I also do not have a question about leases or hold harmless clauses or the like. I’m also not looking to buy a BOP. I’m hoping I can cover this exposure using a standard form or amendment on a homeowners policy.

  2. Mohamed /

    Ok, I’m getting ready to lease an office. I’m looking at several different ones. There is one that I’m interested in but wanted to see if yahoo answers could give me some tips or advice. I’ve already done a search and read some good answers, but I’m looking for more.

    The office space is 790 square feet. Rent, CAM and insurance brings it to around $1040 a month. Not including utilities. It’s in a shopping center, next to an Applebees and is a fairly nice area. Cincinnati, Ohio

    Is this a good deal? Before CAM and insurance it’s $12 a sq foot. 3 year lease.

    What exactly is CAM?

    What should i know about the insurance?

    What is residuals?

    Any other questions I should ask or look out for.

    Also any lingo the realtor is going to throw at me that I need to know. I recently learned a little about CAM and before I looked like an idiot.


  3. Rosy /

    I got into a friendly argument tonight involving service dogs, and am very curious to learn more.

    What, exactly, are the different types of service dogs? Requirements for each? Are all treated equally?

    I was debating my father who works for the health dept. He states that you can take a dog into a public place, and you cannot be stopped. All you must do is say “service dog”.

    I don’t think he’s wrong on that aspect. But I have seen multiple times that people cannot rent an apartment in a no-pets-allowed building *unless* it is a qualified service dog. As in, a seeing-eye dog or something along those lines, NOT just an “emotional support” dog. He claims that all you have to do is state “service dog” and even apartment landlords cannot request further information.

    Before anyone gets any ideas, I’m in no way planning to ‘cheat the system’. . . we were just discussing my cousin who has a service dog because she gets severe headaches–not sure what that dog does, exactly, but she has one.

    Any and all information is appreciated–I’m just curious about the different types, and if all are created equal, I guess. :)

  4. I wanted to know if it was a prudent idea to incorporate a company prior to doing any real estate investments. I am thinking about buying foreclosure/REO properties and wanted to know if I should buy these in my own individual name or in the name of the LLC that I incorporate.

    I want to protect myself in the event anything unforseen happens.
    Is this a safer idea and are there any downfalls in doing this.


  5. Cathleen /

    While I was out of town, apparently my apartment building, who i lease from, got new roofs put on. I guess the tarps blew off one night and water leaked in. I got back home to find my brand new LCD tv not working properly and look up to see water marks all over my ceiling above the tv and drywall around it. After closer inspection i could see water marks on my tv screen as well as on the frame of the screen and on the dressor it sits on. I called the office to complain numerous times and have asked repeatidly if they have insurance to replace my tv that THEIR roofing company ruined. They are telling me that because i dont have renters insurance, theres nothing that will cover it, and that they nor the roofing company have insurance that would cover such damage…..Is this true?? Anyone have advice???

  6. I need to know what i need to do, how i need to clean my house, for insurance. what specifically do they inspect for? Wiring, fire hazards? What exactly do i need to clean up. I live in an apartment above a mechanic’s garage. The garage area is filled with cars/motorcycles, and miscellaneous tools, automotive equip. There’s also a storage area on the bottom level. The apartment upstairs doesn’t have proper insulation, but does that matter? Please help me and let me know if there’s a checklist i can download, or what. THANK YOU!
    i need business insurance so the Whole Building must be inspected.

  7. I need to know by 5:00. I called a bunch of insurance companies, and noone is there, so I’ve had to leave messages and hope for a call back. now 5:00 is an hour away.

    I need to know if I can afford insurance to sign on an office space. There is a waiting list to get into the spot that I want, and if I don’t sign the lease by today then I lose it to the next person on the list. (its below market value rental space for incubations).

    I don’t know if that kind of insurance costs 10,000 a year (in which case I can’t afford it), or $200 a year (in which case I can!) I’m a small business with no employees yet, and I have to agree with my lease to carry insurance. Public liability over 1 mill each occurance, fire insurance, and extended coverage covering vandalism is the requirements. Its a 200 sf office space.

    Thank you for any help you can offer!

  8. Ok, so it’s my understanding by experience, work and googling the subject, that an additional insured is provided coverage under an insurance policy. When I called my insurance company to inquire about adding the landlord as an additional insured, they said there would be no change in premium and landlord would not be given coverage. I guess I don’t understand…is this a unique interpretation from my insurance company? What would be the point of adding the landlord if he didn’t get covered? I didn’t quite understand the rep’s explanation of what adding him would exactly do — something like simply identify him as the landlord. What? Why would anyone need that? If I am forced to get coverage for the landlord, what types of claims is he covered for? What does my renters cover for me? Thanks.
    Helpful and thorough answers, but I”m still confused. The first two answers say that the landlord would be covered by being an add’l insured and that such provisions are typical, but then the last two answers make it seem like ins cos won’t add a landlord as an add’l insured. Can anyone clear up my confusion? Perhaps my ll is uneducated, but unfortuantely, I am too.

  9. I am LLC, My business was burned , but its my neighbours fault, fire started from his warehouse. Another 2 businesses were destroyed also. Contents of my clients were burned and 100% destroyed with my contents also. My insurance doesn’t cover that, Landlords insurance will cover only rebuild building. Any chance that the company which has first fire will cover all victims?
    Another thing is: My warehouse was not sprinkled and landlord did not ask any insurance from me. Can I sue him for that or not?

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